Tuesday, March 21, 2017

03/15 to 03/22

We have decided to move away from using the brake calipers against the bogie railway. During last presentation some issues regarding switching and how the calipers might hit the rail proved to be a valid problem. Furthermore, the structure of adding hydraulic system was something that created some difficulty as well. We are looking to design a brake system that would function as both fail safe and normal braking for the bogie. The lever will be controlled by the motor and will feature a spring load that will force the lever down. The lever itself will be connected to brake pads that will come in contact with the wheel. We are currently working on models and calculations for this design. Furthermore, upon further discussing with the rest of the subteams, the wayside team noticed that they might need space for their redesign which will be in close proximity to our new brake design. We will be working closely with them to make sure our systems do not interfere with each other. This new brake design would require more metal, springs, and possibly cable wires. The springs and wire should be pretty cheap, depending on the final design. As for the metal, Craig has access to a limited supply, and any purchase of additional metal should not be expensive.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

03/08- 03/14

This week the fabrication for the motor mount has begun. Additionally, we are reconsidering altering the brake design to better suit the bogie and the track. We await the motors for propulsion to begin testing but are attempting to complete components for braking and test braking by the end of March.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

02/22/17 to 03/01/17

This week we worked on our initial presentation of the spring semester. Earlier we were concerned whether or not we would be able to find motors to satisfy our specifications for the bogie. We spent time making trying to find motors suitable for our design at lower prices but ultimately couldn't find anything within our sponsors or immediate contacts.

We spent last week speaking to Spartan Superway treasurer to make sure that our most expensive parts (motors and miter gears) were included in the Associated Student application for funding. AS funding should be able to cover the expense of buying our two motors and four miter gears for propulsion. Craig has provided brake calipers and more materials for manufacturing the mounts of the brakes and motors which drove the total cost of our design down.

For the next weeks we plan on acquiring a master cylinder and any tubing to test the brakes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This week we prepared for final presentations and worked on the rough draft of the sub-team report. We did not meet until Tuesday as it was Thanksgiving weekend, all work was done online.

Craig finished printing models of the gears we plan on using for our propulsion. A mock-up of the motor was printed as well but there were some difficulties in completing the second half. The purpose for our prototype is to asses the space limitations our current design has with the dimensions provided.

We completed the Bill of materials and are hoping to get funds to at least cover the motors and most of the cost of the gears. Craig plans on using parts from his fathers shop for most of the braking components, which we are continually working on. We are planning on completing the braking design and part of the build over winter break.


During this week we brainstormed on ideas for redesigning braking. So far we have went through brake disks, band brakes, and motor braking as possible options but spacing of our current design will not allow for band brake or disk brakes. Additionally considering motor braking we concluded to not risk damaging the motors as they are expensive.

We spoke to our advisers for possible options and are looking at modifying a brake caliper to come in contact with the rail for braking.

Design of propulsion is complete. Plan on 3-D printing the gears to attach to model being built by steering/bogie team.